Travel insurance

The potential risks and benefits explained

Nobody likes nuisance on their holidays. If something unexpected happens you’ll want someone to put it right quickly and without fuss.

You can arrange a Travel Insurance Scheme with industry experts, who provide single trip Travel Insurance for UK and European Coach Holidays. Their dedicated service has been specially created to offer high quality cover to all European destinations, but it’s worth remembering that Travel Insurance is just as important when visiting UK destinations as it is when travelling abroad. The cancellation section of the policy covers both UK & European Holidays. Whilst it may seem strange, repatriation claims within the UK can be more expensive than those being repatriated from Europe.

Travelling without adequate insurance can be costly. Unfortunately, some people have to cancel their trips before they have even set off due to illness or a change in circumstances. Of all claims received by our Insurers from men and women over 65, more than 85% are due to cancellation. The right insurance product could save you hundreds of pounds in cancellation charges and unforeseen medical expenses.

Similarly, if you are taken ill on holiday and need medical assistance, or need to be relocated within the UK, that’s also included in the cover. The tailor made travel insurance package gives clients the confidence and peace of mind to fully enjoy their holiday in the knowledge that they are financially protected in the event of a medical emergency.

If you are acting on behalf of others you have a duty of care to your friends and family. You should consider encouraging members of your group to think about buying travel insurance.

We think you should seriously consider insurance when you book a holiday or excursion:

  • You can get cover if the insured or a travelling companion have to cancel their holiday in advance, giving you great peace of mind;
  • You will be able to cover people with stable pre-existing medical conditions, a feature that’s sometimes not included with this type of insurance (conditions apply);
  • Cancellation cover includes any unforeseen event that’s beyond a client’s reasonable control – other travel policies sometimes enforce pre-defined conditions;
  • Some cover have an upper age limit to the travellers do check you are covered;
  • Also, check that immediate assistance is available in the event of a medical emergency;

Of course, no insurance can claim to cover all situations – so talk through your requirements to ensure the coverage you get is right for you!


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